Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments and Shadow Orbs

Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments and Shadow Orbs

Detailed Guide On Enchantments And Shadow Orbs Of Shadow Fight 2 Game!  




The bonuses that you receive with several equipments in Shadow Fight 2 game are known as enchantments. Equipments are broadly classified into weapons, helms, magic, armor, and ranged weapons. Each of these equipments is further divided into Standard and Super. The Super Weapon, Super Magic, Super Armor, Super Helms, and Super Ranged Weapons come with enchantments. The enchantment enhances the item and provides advantage to the gamer.

On the other hand, the Standard Weapon, Standard Magic, Standard Armor, Standard Helms, and Standard Ranged Weapons do not have enchantments. If you want to enchant these items then you need to use Shadow Orbs. However, you will not be able to know which enchantment the item will receive. There are several enchantments accessible in the game and they can be forged by using three recipes; namely, Simple, Mythical, and Medium Recipes.

Simple Recipes:

To forge enchantments by using simple recipes, you will need Green Shadow Orbs. Using this recipe is inexpensive, so most of the gamers prefer using it. Some of the enchantments acquired by using Simple Recipes are mentioned below:

  • Weakness: When hit successfully, your opponent’s melee attacks will be reduced by 70% for 5 seconds.
  • Poisoning: Poisoning of weapons and ranged weapons will make the enemy lose 3% health per second for over 5 seconds as soon as he is been hit successfully. When hit by magic, the opponent will lose 10% health per second for over 5 seconds.

Medium Recipes:

You will require Green Orbs and Red Orbs to forge enchantments by using medium recipes. In comparison to Simple Recipes, these are more powerful. Some of the enchantments acquired by using Medium Recipes are mentioned below:

  • Bleeding: When hit successfully by a weapon or ranged weapon, the enemy will lose 6% of health per second for over 5 seconds. If hit by magic, then the opponent will lose 3.4% health per second over 5 seconds.
  • Frenzy: After taking a hit or successfully hitting the opponent by any type of equipment, you will get a chance to increase your melee damage by 150% for a period of 5 seconds.

Mythical Recipes:

Purple, Red, and Green Orbs are required for forging enchantments by using Mythical Recipes. Enchantments made by Mythical Recipes are quite different from the other two recipes. The gamer will get access to it only after unlocking the Monk Set in Ascension game mode. An enchantment acquired by using Mythical Recipes is mentioned below:

  • Tempest Rage: When hit successfully, you will get a chance to grow a Blue Aura around Shadow, which can stack up to 4 times. Once it glows completely, your next hit will deal 400% more damage and destroy the opponent completely.

Shadow Orbs:

You will need Shadow Orbs for forging enchantments on any equipment. There are three kinds of Shadow Orbs; namely, Green, Purple, and Red.

Green Orbs:

They are the most commonly used Orbs. You can acquire them by winning tournaments, challenges, survival, boss fights in Eclipse Mode. If you play in Normal Mode then you will be able to earn lesser amount of Orbs. Gamers usually use Green Orbs for Simple Recipes; however, they can be used for Mythical as well as Medium Recipes.

Red Orbs:

You can acquire Red Orbs in Eclipse Mode in form of rewards by winning some special tournaments, challenges, and storyline fights. Another way to acquire them is by winning boss battle in Eclipse mode. Red Orbs are used for Medium as well as Mythical Recipes.

Purple Orbs:

The Purple Orbs are very rare to acquire. You can earn them by defeating the Demons in Eclipse Mode. Another way to earn them is in Ascension Mode by availing the Lucky Spin. They are used for Mythical Recipes.


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