A Comprehensive Guide On Equipment Of Shadow Fight 2

A Comprehensive Guide On Equipment Of Shadow Fight 2

A Comprehensive Guide On Equipment Of Shadow Fight 2 Game

Introduction On Equipment:

When you download the Shadow Fight 2 game, you will get to watch the tutorial. Once you understand the gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 through the tutorial, you will gain access to the in-game shop. Here you can purchase several equipments. These equipments are broadly classified into five; namely, weapons, helms, armor, magic and ranged weapons. You can buy and upgrade them by spending in-game currencies.


To enhance the damage caused to opponents, you need to purchase powerful weapons. There are several kinds of weapons that are available in the game shop. However, Boss Weapons, Challenger Weapons, and Special Event Weapons cannot be purchased from the shop.

Weapons are further divided into two; Super Weapons and Standard Weapons. The Standard Weapons can be bought by spending Coins or Gems; the two in-game currencies. These weapons can even be upgraded with plenty of Coins. However, they do not have enchantments.

On the other hand, Super Weapons can be purchased by spending Gems, which is the premium currency of the game. To upgrade these weapons, you will require plenty of Gems. They come with enchantments, which are bonuses that you receive with the equipment. Some kinds of weapons that you will gain access to in the Shadow Fight 2 game are mentioned below:

  • The Sting: It is a super weapon that can be unlocked after reaching Level 12.
  • Staff: You can unlock this Standard Weapon after reaching Level 9. It can be purchased by spending 4,500 Coins.
  • Krises: Krises can be unlocked by reaching Level 10. It is a Standard Weapon from Act II and can be unlocked with Harrier Hooks, which is a Super Weapon.
  • Blood Reaper: It is a Super Weapon from Act 1 and can be unlocked at Level 6 along with Daggers. It is perfect to be used for long range attack.
  • Daggers: Daggers can be unlocked after reaching Level 6. They provide similar functions like the Knives.


If you want to reduce the damage that you get from the enemies, then make use of armor. Armors can even increase the damage caused by unarmed attacks of the opponent; like, kicks and punches. Similar to weapons, armors are broadly classified into Standard Armors and Super Armors. Some examples of armors that are accessible in the game are robe, old leather jacket, fury carapace, death mark, celestial gown, etc.


Helms reduce the damage that is caused to the head of the gaming characters. They can be bifurcated into Standard Helms and Super Helms. Some examples of Helms are conical hat, nightmare hat, Christmas trophy, Helm of inspiration, frost beard, etc.

Ranged Weapons:

After you defeat Lynx; the demon boss, you can unlock Ranged Weapons. Similar to other kinds of equipments, Ranged Weapons are classified into Standard Ranged Weapons and Super Ranged Weapons. Some examples of Ranged Weapons are Harvester of Souls, Demon’s Wing, Broken Hearts, Hunter’s Knives, etc. Depending on which category these weapons fall, you can either buy them by spending Coins or Gems and both of this currency can be generated with Shadow Fight 2 Cheats.


Once you defeat Hermit, the second demon from Act II: Secret Path, you will be able to unlock Magic. You can cast magic by using the Magic Amulets. However, this will only be possible when your magic energy meter is fully charged. To charge the magic energy meter in Shadow Fight 2 game, you need to take damage from unarmed attacks or weapon attacks. Magic Amulets are classified into Standard Amulets and Super Amulets. Fire Ball, Energy Ball, Fire Pillar, Lightning Arrow, etc. are some examples of Magic Amulets. You can buy different kinds of Magic Amulets by spending Coins or Gems.

Sets Of Equipment:

The Equipment Sets are pairs of Equipment that can be acquired in Shadow Fight 2 game. Some of them are mentioned below:

Set Of Monk:

These are set of equipments that comprises of Monk’s Katars, Helm, Robe, Shurikens, and Amulet. If you want to acquire the entire set of Monk then you need to defeat a Ninja in Ascension Mode. Then, participate in a lottery to win them as rewards. Another way to earn them is by playing Raids. As soon as you have acquired the entire set of Monk, the Tempest Rage mythical enchantment will get activated. Make use of this enchantment to enhance your equipment.

Halloween 2016 Set:

The Halloween 2016 Set consists of Pain and Panic, Nightmare Hat, Dissector of Hopes, Spider King Coat, Pumpkin of Madness, and Demon’s Wing. During Halloween, the developers will update the game shop, so that you can purchase the Spider Chest by spending Gems. This Chest will contain a random item from the Halloween Set as well as some Charges of Darkness.

Halloween 2017 Set:

The Halloween 2017 Set consists of Voodoo Spine, Voodoo Vest, Death’s Jaw, Baroness Cylinder, and Cursed Pins. When the gaming developers update the game store, the Mystical Chest will be available for purchase. You can buy it for 250 Bone Coins, which is a special currency acquired especially during Halloween.

The currency can be acquired by defeating Whisper, the special raid-boss who can be encountered in Underworld. Another way to acquire Mystical Chest is by spending 199 Gems. Once you have purchased the Mystical Chest, you will be awarded with some consumables as well as a random item from the Voodoo Set. A few consumables that you can get as rewards are Ascension Tickets, Raid Keys, Elixir, etc.

Fatum’s Artifact:

The Fatum’s Artifact consists of Fatemaker, Poetic Mantle, Vermeil Fangs, Fans of Passion, Helm of Inspiration, and Broken Hearts. At the time of Valentine, the game developers will update the game shop so that the Casket of Fates is available for sale. When the gamers buy the Casket of Fates, they will be rewarded with a random Raid Key, some Charges of Darkness, and a random item from the Fatum’s Artifact Set.

Now that you know the various equipment accessible in the Shadow Fight 2 game; go and destroy your enemies right away!

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