Shadow Fight 2 Guide

Shadow Fight 2 Guide

Shadow Fight 2 Guide On Generating In-Game Currencies


Coins are the primary currency of the game that can be used for buying several important items. You will even require Coins for upgrading these items. Earning Gold Coins is easy as you can acquire them as rewards for completing different modes of the game. Also, they can be acquired by completing numerous Tournaments and Challenges. Some of the challenges that you will face are boss battles in Eclipse, doing Survivals, etc.

Coins are further classified as Gold Coins and Platinum Coins. Gold Coins can be used in the beginning of the game until the Interlude. Interlude is the series of events that takes place after the Gates Of Shadow. Once you have completed these events, the Gold Coins will be replaced by Platinum Coins. Platinum Coins are introduced in the beginning of the Interlude and can be used till Act VII. They are then replaced with Credits, which can be used in Act VII till the last.


Gems are the special currency of the game, which are also known as Ruby. You can use Gems throughout the game. With Gems, you can buy special items that cannot be purchased by spending Coins. It is difficult to obtain Gems in the game and the amount that you will acquire is limited, so they tend to get over quickly.

Gems can buy all items that are purchased by spending Coins. Some special items like Challengers’ Weapons, Boss Weapons, Set Of Monk, etc. can be purchased only with Gems. You can use Gems for restoring the Energy Bar. It can be used for skipping the delivery time that is required for buying or upgrading items purchased by Coins. Spend 35 Gems and reset the Perk Tree, which will let you acquire several perks. If you lose a match against a Challenger, you can make use of Gems for playing the match again. You can spend 80 Gems for buying 10 Tickets for the Ascension.

Gems are the only currency that can be used in Underworld for buying keys for bosses, Charges of Darkness, Special Chests, creating a Clan, skipping the waiting time while fighting with a boss, as well as skipping timer for daily quests.

How To Obtain Gems?

  • Sign up with Facebook and earn 5 Gems.
  • Complete several achievements.
  • Defeat Demon Boss for the first time and earn 3 Gems.
  • Complete task allotted by TapJoy.
  • Earn 1 Gem for watching a video advertisement.
  • Buy them by spending real world money.
  • Make use of hacks to acquire infinite amount of Gems and Coins instantly.
  • Earn them as Raid rewards.
  • Generate them using our Shadow Fight 2 Hack

Shadow Fight 2 Hack

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